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Skincare: Every men need to read this!


A few weeks ago, Fols for Men send me an email challenging me to give it a try on their brand new moisturizer. All guys need to read this. Believe me! There’s a surprise for you all in this post!

I might be like those mens who struggle in stores for a really good face moisturizer. When it comes to keep my skin healthy I don’t mind to spend some money on a really good product. And I usually don’t change to others.

First of all. Fols for Men might be the first portuguese brand for guys who care about their skin. With a moisturizer and an aftershave gel, you won’t need other products.

As you know my top products are Hidra Energetic range by L’Oreal and the Bulldog moisturizer. They aren’t sticky and leave the skin with a smooth texture all day.

Then I tried the Cedar Facial Moisturizer from Fols for Men. It has a great woody fragrance. Really incredible the smell. Honestly, better than L’Oreal’s and Bulldog’s. Thumbs up for Fols for Men for that. The texture of the moisture is creamy when you spread in your face and neck. But then, in seconds is absorbed and you don’t even need to clean your hand. Thumbs up again! Then what I really appreciate and value is the feel during the day. It really gives you a smooth texture to your face. It gives me confidence during the day in my job. Bette than that, it keeps me relaxed knowing that after work I can go meet my friends with a great look and a healthy skin. Amazing! Thumbs up again!

All the good things about this product makes me believe that it’s really a great alternative to supermarket products. This brand use natural products and even a SPF protection for you face. What else do you need?

I’m amazed with this product and you all know how I really embrace the #createdinportugal products. So I obviously recommend this to you all. Not just because it’s a portuguese brand but it really is a great product. I must confess that I was not very believing that I would be surprised. But I’m shocked!

The project is at Kickstarter and you can help them out! Check out below the links.

If you want to get one for you, use the discount code “mercadodohomem.com” and get 20% off!!!


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