happy british new year

Happy British New Year

Happy British New Year
Happy British New Year

Guess where I’m going for this New Year’s Eve? Yes… London mate! After 5 years I’m returning to the city where I lived and studied for a semester. It will be crazy. I’m so curious about how it looks like after 5 years. But It’s an expensive city, so this is what I’ve done to save some money.


First, all airline companies are selling competitive European flights. Not only the “low-cost” ones. So, what you need to do is search for the cheapest one. I use Skyscanner. You can search a flight by the cheapest month, or view the whole month.

In my case, I’m traveling in December and I’ve looked up for a cheap way to go and another one to return. There is one thing you need to remember about flying on a low-cost company. The travel costs to the city center. If you gather all the costs, you will prefer to pay a flight to the London Heathrow Airport instead other airports. That’s what I did.

I’ve searched the flight on Skyscanner, selected the hours that I want to leave and return, and found the cheapest option. Further on TAP’s website, I’ve found out a campaign where I could use some miles saved from previous flights to get an additional discount. I’ve booked a Lisbon – London Heathrow flight from December 27th to January 7th (something like that :)), for me and my girlfriend, with two cabin cases, plus, one large case, for 300€.


For the accommodation, I’ve started my search on Booking.com for cheap accommodation in hotels. I knew I wouldn’t find a cheap hotel to stay at since I’m going on a high season. But since there are hostels listed there, I’ve selected a hostel to stay for 3 nights for about 135€ for the 2 of us. For the rest of the days, I’m staying at a friend’s house. Take note of the zone where the hostel is.

You may get a cheaper one outside greater London, but the daily travel will increase a lot. Another question is the room you rent. Try to save some money going as an adventure for a shared room in a hostel and get a private room for 2 later on your trip changing the hostel or just changing the room in the same hostel.

Not less important is the breakfast. Keep in mind that, not only is the most important meal for your health but is also the most important meal for your wallet. Get some food for the go as you walk around the city.

City Transport

For the city, I’m getting 7 days Oyster Travelpass because we’re not going to many museums or attractions. If you want to go for some attractions, you may want the London Pass which includes an Oyster Travelpass and free entrance to the major London attractions.

I’ll be updating this post with some additional info. Feel free to ask me anything in the comment section 🙂

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