WebSummit 2017: Staying, Moving, Eating & Living

WebSummit 2017
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WebSummit starts next week and If you don’t have anything ready (good luck!) or you don’t know some details about eating, or how to move around, let me introduce you to the top tips to walk around Lisbon.

Where to Stay

Lisbon is one of the most visited cities in the World and is right now one of the trendiest cities in the Europe. You might get some troubles to get accommodation here. Check out some accommodation websites like Booking.com to get the last rooms available for your stay. If you want some recommendations, here they are.



For those who don’t bother to sleep in a shared room for a few nights. Hostels are now a massive option all over Lisbon.

Star Hostel Origami Lisbon Hostel
Star Hostel Origami Lisbon Hostel

7 Nights for 1 Person

€ 250,00

7 Nights for 1 Person

€ 390,00

3K Hotels

The 3K Hotels are one of the best price/quality choices in Lisbon. Located near transports, are one of the smartest choices for a private room.

Hotel 3K Madrid Hotel 3K Europa
 Hotel 3K Madrid Hotel 3K Europa
 7 nights for 1 Person

€ 850,00

 7 nights for 1 Person

€ 950,00

How to Move

Lisbon is one of the best cities to travel around using public transports. As soon you get in Lisbon, go to a Metro station and get a Viva Card and fill it with some credit on the “Zapping” option to use on public transports. Is the cheapest way. If you prefer to get a taxi, there are some local Apps that you can use such as MEOTaxi; Taxi Digital Portugal; Taxis Lisboa; or international apps like myTaxi; 99Taxis; Uber; Cabify.

Where to Eat

Portugal is known for its Mediterranean food. Filled with healthy ingredients and tons of flavours,  the Portuguese food is one of the most well recommended in the whole world by travellers.

These are my top places to go while you’re in Lisbon in order to try our best #foodporn.

Prego da Peixaria Taberna Manuel Pereira Gomes Alentejo
Prego da Peixaria Taberna Manuel Pereira Gomes Alentejo
€ 12,00 p/person € 20,00 p/person € 10,00 p/person


More than getting a great accommodation, an excellent transport system experience or a food adventure, you need to feel the city with all your senses. These are the top things to do in Lisbon. Additionally you can just walk around the downtown or even Sintra.

Amphibious Sightseeing Lisbon Fado Show and Dinner Benfica Stadium and Museum Tour
Amphibious Sightseeing Tour in Lisbon Small-Group Lisbon Fado Show and Dinner Benfica Stadium and Museum Tour

At night enjoy the WebSummit night agenda or just go for a rooftop or even a club like Lust in Rio or Radio Hotel.

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