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#LXWEBSUMMIT2016 – Coverage Preview


If you’re comming to attend to WebSummit in Lisbon I want to know you and chat with you about your thoughts about the event. I want to know what gadgets you bring, how you’re dressed and what you know about Portugal. If you’re portuguese, I want to meet you as well and find what you expect from an event that bring amazing cultures and knowledge.

I’ll be covering the event as media in order to share on this blog and on my social networks everyhthing about the events. Bookmark this blog and follow me now on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! You’ll want to be informed about everything right? So here you’ll can get an overview on a different perspective of the event and of the city that you’ll be visiting as well.

Usually I write in Portuguese, but for this event exclusivly I’ll be writting in English so you can get a closer understand about what you can get from this coverage and about some tips of spots in Lisbon to visit.Ready?

Let’s go!

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